Myspace Data Dump

The following contains the alleged data breach from Myspace dating back a few years. As always, I do not provide any guarantees
with the file and I leave it down to you to use responsibly and for a productive purpose.

Decryption key: KLub8pT&iU$8oBY(*$NOiu

Update 1: For those who have asked how they can help with server costs, see thanks!


SHA1: 8C7E FFE4 3486 C617 E1B4 E295 DBF7 9E10 01AC 86BD
SHA256: 5FA0 5F95 1EFD DA18 8A2E 3D50 8948 1A4F AACA 311E C559 205F EB15 B2BB F7DE EC61

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-Cthulhu (@CthulhuSec)